What you really want to know is:

Can we provide you great interest rates and great service?

The answer is yes. In that manner, we are like most brokers you are considering.

What makes us different is we are not top heavy.

We have a small group of loan officers with no dead weight so our loans are handled directly by your loan officer and their personal assistant (who are most vested in getting the loan closed). Noone is paid a salary so everyone is vested closing your loan with such satifaction that you refer us your friends neighbors and relatives.

Choose us and we will utilize every modern tool to save you money and get you closed quickly.

We can collect all the documents we need using a self-serve system that allows you to directly upload all the loan items directly to us. There is no question whether the document was sent or not and and lets everyone know when documents are requested and when they are uploaded. This allows us to offer a custom closing guarantee. 

We want to earn our name. We want to be YOUR Trusted Mortgage Advisor.

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